The Armenian church in Varna is situated in the central part of the city, near the Shisko’s circus. We learn from historical annals that at this site there used to be a tiny semi-underground church, built in the 17th century, which was destroyed during a fire in 1843. Only a year later the new church was rebuilt and inaugurated  on 25st January 1844. It is interesting that seen from above, the church is cross-shaped with a multi-sided pyramid, which is the dome. This style of designing domes is used only in Armenian and Georgian churches.
In 1910 the belfry was built as well as the hall of the proselytes and the premises where candles are sold. The mural partings are in Byzantine style whereas the icons are  framed like canvas painting. Another interesting fact is that the altar is open, i.e. without iconostasis, which is derived from the architecture of synagogues. There are two chapels at both sides of the stairs to altar. The left one is where Baptismal ceremonies are carried out. The right one is used for keeping the priests’ garments and as a dressing room. The founder of the church is Sarkis Hairabedyan. It was built by Apraam-journeyman, an outstanding master in his time.




Girls performing a traditional Armenian dance



His Highness Archibishop  Dirair Mardikyan, Bishop of the Armenian eparchy in Bulgaria and Romania, celebrated a liturgy


Catholikos Garegin II, spiritual leader of all Armenians and  Patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church